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The Power of Many (Xerocon 2016)

Small businesses making the journey to the Xero platform are part of a galaxy far beyond what they can see. Xero advisors are part of a network that is bound by the strength of a community working together to change the way we conduct business. Xero's annual conference known as #Xerocon is not just about learning new technology. This conference is about accounting advisors coming together to share ideas and collaborate on how to help small businesses thrive.

In the exhibit halls at #Xerocon, you will find advisors working together in many groups like the @THRIVEalCPAs network where they are sharing ideas and strategizing about how to deliver the most efficient operations for their customers. For these advisors it's not about competition it's about collaboration. For the small business owner, this is like having a traditional board room filled with advisors trying to solve your problems. Xero advisors understand that today's virtual work environment offers an opportunity to grow a business while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Xero is not just delivering beautiful accounting software they are helping to build ecosystems that drive operational efficiency and provide real-time financial information.

Xero's open API allows for seamless integration with partners that are delivering value far beyond the basic accounting structure. Money is collected on time and online with applications such as @billcom and @Shopify. Bills are paid electronically with small business bill payment systems that are talking to each other. Expense tracking is made easy with applications such as @expensify and @ReceiptBank. Additional accounting functions ,payroll functions and financial reporting are streamlined by add-on applications such as @Hubdoc, @gustoHQ, @zenefits and @spotlightrep. Xero Advisors are also cloud integrators who can choose the right ecosystems based on each unique business need. Together these applications are delivering real-time financial information, and with a seamless integration, Xero advisors are now available to help small business owners understand their profitability. The success of small business is exponentially increased by its relationship with a Xero advisor.

Xero advisors were also inspired by this years' #Xerocon speakers such as @DandapandiLLC who demonstrated how to redirect awareness to the manifestation of positive outcomes and @Melrobbins who's 5-minute rule inspired a willpower to take immediate action

Congratulations to all small businesses who are working with a Xero advisor and experiencing the "Power of Many". Your network extends far beyond what you see.

For those small businesses who have not made the journey to the Xero platform, it's time to learn from @Melgibbons 5-second rule and just do it! Experience the power of many. #cloudaccounting #xeroaccounting #xerocon


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