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Small businesses making the journey to the Xero platform are part of a galaxy far beyond what they can see. Xero advisors are part of a network that is bound by the strength of a community working together to change the way we conduct business. Xero's annual conference known...
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When I made plans to meet Little Yellow Bird founder Samantha Jones, I was picturing a workspace stuffed with corporate uniforms of all shapes and sizes. I was was shocked when Samantha informed me she didn't have an office. Her company makes and sells ethically made office ...
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The ability to network is a fundamental part of running a business. Running a business in isolation is difficult, so it helps to have expert partners and acquaintances available to share ideas with. For an online entrepreneur, the best niche experts might be located all over...
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Small businesses will often say that their number one goal is business growth. But where does business growth come from? An easy answer to this can be "attracting new customers". But attracting new customers can come at a very high price. Marketing has become increasingly di...
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Being a leader is not just about the habits you practice in front of others. It is often about the habits you practice behind closed doors that make you an easy person to follow. Accountability is a touchy subject that can make many people feel uncomfortable, but it protects...
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There are several aspects of business that can only be learnt through actual experience. One of them is negotiating contracts. Several people fear the negotiation process because it is an intrinsically uncomfortable process. Asking for more money or making personal demands ...
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Managing people is one thing, but anyone with experience of managing managers will know that's a completely different ball game. A management team that works in complete harmony is a rare and beautiful thing, but it never comes easy. In fact, it's paradoxical to think it sh...
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