Our Services

Our customers rely on Walsh Accounting to set up and manage a customized accounting process. We use Xero accounting software and other cloud services to create an automated and efficient process that allows our clients to redirect their attention to growing their business.

Our pricing is based on a fixed monthly fee to make budgeting for our services easy…no surprises! With a fixed fee arrangement, we are able to establish a close working relationship with our customers because we are available to help with any questions without the fear of increased rates.

Financial Reporting

We take care of recording and reconciling all your business transactions. You have access to Xero if you want to track your progress and view reports or we can send you monthly reports. This process is customized to meet your needs and to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting.


To ensure the timely collection of Revenue, we can email invoices customized with your logo to your customers on a regular basis. Reminder notices and collection assistance is also available for those slow-paying customers.

Electronic Bill Pay

Vendors email their bills to a personalized bill payment inbox. Our team will categorize them to the proper account and route them for approval. Electronic payment is made only after your approval.

Profitability Analysis

Understanding profitability can be challenging without the proper tracking of revenue and expenses. We can design a system that will allow you to understand costs by job, department, or other tracking categories.


Our Team assists you with establishing and tracking against a budget.


Our payroll specialists assist you with getting employees paid in accordance with the set payment schedule.

Process Reengineering

Some organizations are tied down to old, outdated accounting processes that add little to no value. Streamlining your accounting process eliminates wasted time, and provide more valuable information and clarity in understanding profitability.

Controller/CFO Services

As your business grows, you may be looking for additional support for making business decisions and handling more complex business matters. We are available to help with your business challenges and/or quarterback any special projects.

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